What is included in Total AV antivirus 2022?

Total AV antivirus software program is the leading name in the market for so many years. For all these years it has been providing efficient safety and security to the computers of the people. The software program is popular among people for many reasons. It is easy to install and also all the further basic procedures are easy to conduct. But, still, there is more to see such as things included in the Total AV antivirus 2022.

Total AV free antivirus and internet security 2022

For those who are planning to install Total AV, there are two versions of the software program available. One is Total AV free antivirus and the other is internet security 2022. But as the name suggests, internet security is the paid version of the software program. Whereas Total AV free antivirus one can install and conduct further set up of it free of cost.

Now, further, we will see how it will be beneficial for the users to use Total AV antivirus 2022. There are so many beneficial features that you may get to deal with while using 2022. Here we will see all those features just to make it all clear and also easy for the users.

The list of features included in the Total AV antivirus 2022

  • Anti-malware– This is one of the most important engines that comes to the set of the Total AV antivirus 2022.  This helps people in the process of removing malware infections from the computer. In order to make the computer run in the right manner, it is necessary for the users to remove malware from the computer.
  • Real-time antivirus– The software program is ideal for effective scanning and also for instantly blocking threats. So, with the help of this feature, you will be able to keep your computer well protected against infections.
  • Spyware Removal– Spyware is a kind of software program that is perfect to extract information, from the system for certain financial benefits. The motive of designing this security software program is to deal with it all in an effective manner.
  • Adware Cleaner – Adware provides you with aggressive and pressurizing advertising. In most cases, it downloads unknowingly and is not liked by people. So, with the help of this feature, you can easily detect the Adware running on the computer. After that, you can delete it accordingly.

Total AV antivirus 2022 Some more Few Points

  • Anti- Ransomware– This feature helps the user in being safe from those who steal or seal the data of the file, and ask for ransom in return. This is also a feature that comes to the setup of the 2022 version of Total AV.
  • Data Breach Search – The Total AV 2022 version is something that has this protection. Also, you can easily check if there is hacking activity with email or password.
  • Improved web shield – The web shield in the 2022 version of the software program is really very good and also better than the older one. It is so because it is through this that you can keep your data well protected against stealing.
  • Proper compatibility – The software program is very well compatible with all the different types of devices and also the operating systems.
  • The Total AV antivirus 2022 is something that also works on the optimization of the system in general with the help of certain tools.
  • Fast computer– The software works on the CPU power consumption, reduces it if it is much of it.
  • Tracking Cookies– The tracking cookies however are not really harmful, but there are certain privacy issues that may crop up for the user in general. So, through this software program users can also easily avoid those tracking cookies.
  • Junk Cleaner – The junk files are not at all harmful, but you can say that these files consume a lot of space on the hard disk. So, it is better for you to keep cleaning that junk the new version of the software program helps with that.


So, this is all the information related to what comes in the list of features, associated with the Total AV antivirus 2022. If you still need to know more than that please get in touch with the experts.

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