What Measures Should We Follow During Amavasya, Which Will Bad Things Happen?

The moon plays a significant role in astrology. And when it comes to Dark night, “AMAVASYA” is the most effective night that brings changes in human life. Amasya night is said the nights of Evil. During Amavasya, the power and strength of evil spirits increase, and they can harm anyone. Even the impact of black magic is prominent on no moon day.  Goddess Kali and Lord Shiva are worshipped on this day as they are called the destroyer of evil spirits. No moon day or Amavasya has great significance in Hindu mythology. As fasting on Amavasya will bring prosperity, and all your wishes come true. Amavasya is also connected with astrology as it affects the human race. Let us know how Amavasya dosha is related to astrology?

What is Amavasya, and how is it related to astrology?

Amasya is also known as no-moon night. According to the astrologers and Vedic plans, the moon represents the thought process of individuals and their aggressive and unexpected nature on Amavasya. Some people suffer from mixed feelings during no moon night as they are always confused about what is right and what is not. 

Besides, Amavasya also has some positive effects on humans as this is the best day to relive from evil spirits and pray for their ancestors. At the time of Amavasya, the moon releases powerful energy in the form of radiation. These energies play a significant role in the changed behavior of any person. People are likely to suffer from mental illness and mood swings. 

During the Amavasya, the strength of the evil spirit also extends that brings more power in black magic and can affect the victim of black magic in worsening ways.

If you are willing that all your wishes come true, then you should start fasting on Amavasya and pray to your ancestors to make your wish come true.  There are many doshas regarding the Amavasya. If you wanted to know about the Amavasya dosh, then continue reading our blog. We will explain this very well in our next paragraph.

Amavasya Dosh that is affecting you in specific ways:- 

When the moon is not favorable in your birth chart that may create some trouble in your life, these doshas are known as Amavasya dosha. When the sun is carrying with the moon in your birth chart can cause Amavasya dosha. During these circumstances, the moon losses its positive strength due to the intervention of the sun. The moon becomes weaker at Amavasya and loses its positive effect in life. There are the following Amavasya dosha that is affecting the human race:- 

  • As the evil spirits are more vital than ever at Amavasya, no auspicious program should be held during the Amavasya as it may create some trouble in the celebration.
  • It can affect the newborn babies more as they have the least energy during Amavasya and can also bring some vulnerable changes in human behavior. 
  • Our subconscious mind is impacted more during sleep and creates some negative thought processes that may disturb us. 
  • During Amavasya, our thought process and physical state are some kinds of unbalanced during no moon night. At Amavasya, our emotions are its peak, and we can feel everything at its peak. 
  • In some people, you can see adverse changes in their behavior as they started behaving unusually.
  • Make sure if you have Amavasya doshas in your birth chart, then don’t take important decisions during no moon night, as they can give you unwanted results of your decision.

These are some problems that people went through when they have Amavasya Dosha in their birth chart. According to Vedic astrology predictions, we will also discuss the Amavasya dosh remedy so that you can escape from these doshas.

What are the Amavasya dosha remedies to reduce its effect?

Are you suffering from Amavasya dosha and wanted to get rid of that? here we have some remedies to reduce the effect of Amavasya dosha:-  

  • If you have Shani dosh in your birth chart, then apply Mustard oil, Black pulses, Iron piece on every Amavasya that will reduce the Shani and Amavasya dosha.
  • If you are struggling at your Amavasya doshas, buy five fruits and present them to the cow to reduce the Amavasya dosha and bring auspiciousness and happiness to your house.
  • Another remedy to reduce the effect of effect dosha is you can feed flour balls to the fish; this Amavasya dosha remedy will reduce your home’s financial crisis and bring wealth to your life.
  • If there is a patient at your home who is in severe condition, there is also a remedy for this. Wake up and take a bath before sunrise. After taking the path, the cloth of patients he usually wears and takes a long thread from that cloth. Make a candle with this thread, and you can use some more cotton strands after making the strand dip into mustard oil and light this candle in Diya. After lighting the Diya, place it in front of Lord Hanuman and chant The Hanuman Chalisa at least two times. Repeat this remedy continuously on Tuesday and Saturday for seven weeks. You will see the results within few days.
  •  There is another remedy that will help you to get the job. In this remedy, cut the lemons into four parts and throw them in four directions. This will help you to gain employment soon. 
  • Another Amavasya dosha remedy is that you have to take eight almonds with eight kajal boxes. Combining them tie them in a black cloth. This will reduce the effect of black magic.


These were some remedies that will help you to reduce the negative effect of Amavasya dosha. People who believe in astrology perform these remedies properly to minimize negative energies and evil spirits. Suppose you are suffering any problem in their life often. Then they should check their birth chart with an expert astrologer. May the position of different planets and stars can help find peace and bring prosperity into their lives.

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