What to do when we get QuickBooks Error 102


QuickBooks, the world’s most popular accounting software, assists small and midsize business owners, entrepreneurs, and accountants in achieving their goals by keeping track of their company’s books and finances. In western countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, QuickBooks Desktop software has long been one of the most popular accounting software. The accounting software has an 80% market share and is one of the most reliable software available

Despite being cutting-edge computer accounting software, it is susceptible to a variety of problems. If you’re using the QuickBooks Self-employed or QuickBooks Online versions of the software, you can run across QuickBooks Error 102. This error may appear if your bank’s website is experiencing technical difficulties, website maintenance is in progress, or a server is having trouble transferring data between QuickBooks Self-employed and its Online.

What to do when we get QuickBooks Error 102

Error 102 in QuickBooks online occurs while using QuickBooks Online or Self-employed. Other reasons include technical problems, server issues, ongoing website maintenance interfering with the current task, or a server error while relaying data between the bank’s website and QuickBooks. To fix QuickBooks Error Code 102, follow the troubleshooting procedures outlined further in this article. To figure out why you’re facing this error. You must understand the fundamental causes for the same so that you may apply them when resolving the problem and avoiding making the same error again, and you must do so by reading the next part.

The primary reasons for QuickBooks Error 102

The primary reasons help you to understand the exact problem so that you can directly fix the issue, the primary reasons for Error 102 are given below: 

  • Browser Problem: Internet explorer can be one of the issues that are the main reason behind the QuickBooks Error 102, you must update your internet explorer or any browser that you are using to its latest version to avoid these kinds of issues. 
  • Problems of the Wireless Network: Wireless network can also be one of the reasons and that may lead you to QuickBooks Error 102, please make sure that you are using a wifi network that is working properly and if in case you are having a problem with the same you must contact to your internet service provider.
  • Damaged Network Equipment: Using a good wifi router is one main thing that you must take care of cause damaged network equipment can be the reason behind its Error 102 so please make sure that you are using a good 4 band wifi router. 

These are the primary reasons behind the QuickBooks Error 102 and the next section consists of the solutions that will help you to fix the error so please read it attentively. 

How to solve QuickBooks Error 102

You may utilize QuickBooks Tool Hub and its File Doctor, both of which are accessible for free on Intuit’s official website, to resolve any error connected to its Desktop software, or you can attempt some of the options listed below:

Use QuickBooks to check for account updates: Checking the account updates in its Desktop software is strongly suggested, and this may be one of the key causes of its Error 102.

Manual Updates vs. Automatic Updates: Solution 2: Manual Updates vs. Automatic Updates: Updating the software may assist you in resolving these types of minor difficulties, and it is one thing on which you should concentrate and continue to update the software to its latest edition.


To conclude,  it is no secret that the QuickBooks Desktop software is prone to various errors and issues, with its Error 102 being one of them. This entire blog is dedicated to resolving this QuickBooks Error Support, as well as important aspects such as the root causes and other manual solutions that will assist you in resolving the error.

As previously said, you may speak with one of the customer representatives if you are having problems with any version of its software. Simply call and one of them will contact you back at your convenience to resolve the problem. Visit its Desktop Error Support to make a call and save yourself a lot of time and money. I hope you found my blog to be useful and that the time you spent reading it was well spent.

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