Why Join An Animation Studio in Singapore?

Animation studios are a one-stop location for all kinds of animated tasks. They can help you with everything from stop motion to digital, and they focus on work that varies from 2D to 3D. From kids’ programs to commercials, they’ve got the experience and knowledge to take your job from start to finish! In this short article, we’ll explore 10 reasons that you must work for an animation studio in Singapore.

1. Soft Skills and Valuable Experience

A space in which you can develop your soft abilities and expert experience is provided by an animation studio in Singapore. You will learn about due date management, team partnership, solidifying your work with modifications, and more. They are typically looking for hardworking individuals with specific capabilities, however, they are willing to train somebody who aspires to strive. When you enter one as a new employee or intern you will typically be provided responsibility immediately– so make certain the company is right for you before you devote!

2. Long-lasting Skillset

Animation skills are transferable across industries– and there are several kinds of work readily available at these studios that use diverse skill sets. You can work at an animation studio in Singapore doing 3D modeling or rigging, 2D design, and animation, compositing, audio engineering– anything from writing to CG animation. You will have an opportunity to check out various types of work before you discover the one that matches your finest.

3. Work with Others

Among the most appealing things about working at an animation studio in Singapore is the collaborative environment. You will get to work with gifted animators, authors, production managers, and more to produce your finest work. Many studios offer internships that allow you to take on responsibilities like shot lists or storyboards in addition to getting hands-on experience in the workplace.

4. You Can Grow With the Company

Lots of studios are growing, which implies you too can grow at the company. If one day you would like to be a production manager or lead animator, it will be possible with the correct amount of experience and devotion. At larger studios that create numerous TELEVISION programs or movies, you might even get the possibility to work on some of your favorite shows (there is absolutely nothing like seeing your name in the credits!).

5. Gain Experience with Different Software and Hardware

Your time there will allow you to gain experience with different software programs. You may get the chance to try out Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, or Autodesk Maya, for example. You might likewise get to try different kinds of hardware and work with gadgets like the Wacom Tablet.

6. Find Out About New Trends in Animation

Animation studios are responsible for creating many different kinds of content, which implies you will discover brand-new patterns in animation! If you would like to work in kids’ shows there will be a lot of new patterns in animation for kids taking place at the studio. You’ll learn about how to animate characters with exaggerated functions, timing and sequencing jokes, and dialogue writing!

7. Find Out About Different Industries

Animation is used in many different markets– including video gaming, branding, marketing, and education. Depending upon your interests, you may be able to work on tasks that interest your other interests.

8. You Will Be Rewarded for Your Work

Artists at all levels of the company will frequently be rewarded for their efforts– many studios provide perks based on projects’ success or milestones, and some even use revenue sharing.

9. Studio is a One-Stop Destination

It is a one-stop location for all sorts of tasks. You can pertain to the studio with a concept and go out with not only your project done but marketable content that you can show off (and perhaps even make money)! From children’s programming to commercials, businesses like this are experts in a wide array of categories and designs.

10. Deal with Famous Talent

Every business offers the chance to deal with skilled animators, but at an animation studio, you are most likely to have access to the big-name skill. If you are working on a prominent task you might even have the ability to satisfy and learn from your preferred director or artist.


If you’re trying to find a difficult and gratifying career, the world of animation is waiting to invite you. Animation studio in Singapore uses more than simply some fun at your desk. They likewise supply important soft skills that will function as a terrific structure in any future endeavors.

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