Why Photo Quality Matters on Social Networks

Why Photo Quality Matters on Social Networks

Today social media is more powerful than ever, especially from a marketing point of view. It is estimated that almost 75% of people make purchases influenced by what they have seen on social networks. But before talking about the importance of quality in your photos on social networks, we must talk about something fundamental to increase your presence on Instagram and other similar platforms.

social networks
social networks

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Now yes. Below we will explain the reasons why it is important to take care of the quality of your photographs to increase your presence on social networks.

Types of Images for Social Media

The first thing to keep in mind is that each platform has different requirements for images. For example, the way of communicating with photos on Facebook will be different from what we would see on Instagram. On average, it is estimated that photos on Facebook that show hands with a product perform better, while on Instagram photos that show faces stand out.

Before publishing, think about the different ways of transmitting what you want to communicate. Perhaps your message will be more effective in an infographic or an illustration that accompanies your photo.

This recommendation goes beyond the type of content and you should also remember that the quality of your publications should be more important than the quantity.

Components of a high-quality image

There are several aspects to take into account to make an image of high quality. A photo that is pixilated, out of focus, or with an unfavorable aesthetic will obviously be a low-quality photo and these types of photos do not usually generate many interactions from Instagram users.

For its part, a high-quality image should be well-focused, sharp, and aesthetically pleasing. This type of photograph will be attractive to Instagram users and will help convey the message you want to convey to your audience.

It is important that the photographs have an emotional element so that users can connect with them and, therefore, with your brand.

How to get the perfect photo

Social media as a form of business requires a budget. Not only in terms of advertising investment and hiring professional staff, but also a team that helps you improve the content you are creating. Lights, cameras, and different tools can be key components in your social media creation process.

Although smartphones have started to include better features when it comes to native cameras, a professional camera will give you a much cleaner and more professional result.


After making the investment in equipment to improve your photographs, it is necessary to define what you want to communicate with these photos and how you want to do it.

Each of these photos should show what you want to sell or promote. It is not necessary to make it too complex, in fact, the more prominence you give your product the more effective it will be.

After defining these points, it is time to compose your photograph. Think about balance and placing your product in a point of the photograph where it stands out, without any element that reduces visibility or confuses the people who will see it.


Although a colorful photograph will stand out, it is important not to abuse this and find aesthetic combinations that generate visual harmony. But this goes beyond a single photo, in fact, it is important to think about how each of the photos you post will match the rest of your feed. Define a palette of colors and tones for your account and work based on this to take photos that adapt and help you succeed within the platform.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Nowhere does this old saying make more sense than on Instagram and social media. Most Instagram users browse their feed without stopping for more than 1 second on each post, instantly making the decision to like, comment or even read the caption depending on how interested they are in what they see. That is why it is important to focus on the quality of your photographs.

A good photo can motivate your followers to read your captions and even a good photo can make the information you are sharing easier to remember.

Increase the attractiveness of your account

Today, a brand without a strong social media presence is a brand missing a great opportunity. This is as true for new brands as it is for well-known brands, and sadly it is a more common mistake than we would like to acknowledge.

Posting low-quality photos not only makes your brand look bad, it gives your followers the impression that you are not interested and diminishes the professional aspect of your account. Otherwise, high-quality photos show a flattering and professional image of your business, which builds trust and can make the difference that makes a follower become a customer.

Greater visibility for your photos

It’s no surprise that as the quality of your photos increases, the more chances you have of gaining followers.

Although likes are not the most important thing on Instagram, we should not underestimate them. Each like you receive from your followers, and even from people who do not follow you but check your profile to find information about your products contributes to the growth of your brand and can make your publications reach more people and gain followers who are interested. In your content.

The importance of gaining followers is easy to explain. Upon reaching your account, a potential customer is more likely to trust your brand if they see a large number of users following you. This is a token of recognition of your products that your followers can interpret as an indicator of quality.

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Less is more

Whether we are talking about your Twitter account, a Facebook fan page, or your Instagram account there is something important: Balance your publications.

While it is vital to post regularly, it is just as important to remember that posting too much can be counterproductive and have the opposite effect you expect, causing your followers to get bored of your content and end up following you.

As we mentioned at the beginning, we must remember that in networks it is better to prioritize quality and not the number of publications. That is, a good quality image will make a good impression that will last longer than what we could achieve with too frequent publications whose quality is not ideal.

Defining a posting plan will help you create content and even include special dates or events that may be relevant to your brand. This will also be useful for creating content in advance and scheduling it.

Think strategically

Creating strategies is crucial to improve your presence on social networks, especially if we approach it from a branding point of view. Think about the objectives of your brand and adjust your content based on this, this will make your account different from the accounts of other brands and guarantee ‘.

The correct branding and constant investment in your brand will have a positive impact on your Instagram account and will be beneficial for the success of your business.

Other methods

Although high-quality images will help your brand, it is not the only thing you should take into account to work on your brand’s presence on social networks.

Hashtags are a powerful tool for increasing your account engagement, reaching new followers, and taking a look at what your competitors are up to. Many Instagram users check the search results for the hashtags that interest them. Keep that in mind.

Investing in advertising can attract new followers. Instagram, like other social platforms, uses algorithms to optimize the way users enjoy published content. These algorithms make social media ads an effective and accessible strategy.

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