Why PUBG has been banned in different countries?

In case you are even remotely within the gaming community lately, you’ve definitely noticed the name “PUBG”, or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It, along with the battle royal genre, has cracked. But… is this as great because everyone hopes?

The need is great competition between this to be able to game community due to the fact both the sports activity are ruling the particular gaming business because we talk.

 Yet programmers required a huge stage simply by liberating it on the Andriod Platform Yet their hard work paid back again supplying them with higher success.

PUBG has been banned in different countries due to its effects on mental levels. It destroys the thinking level slowly. In the end, the person thinks that the world is like an area of PUBG, in which they walk, eat and plan. They think that all the people surrounding us are our enemies. They lost their trust in people. That’s why they behave like a game in real life.

The game wastes time and network data. Everything has pros and cons. But PUBG has lots of cons and a few pros. The little bit of pros is that we have knowledge about guns. Guns name and which type of magazine is required to fill the gun. But there are lots of cons to PUBG games. That’s why many countries can ban PUBG games. But people are too smart they use VPN and play PUBG games. First, the Govt. of every country needs to block VPN first then block other things like PUBG.


PUBG has many cos-like timing-consuming games. It wastes time because people want chicken dinner, in the first attempt if they don’t win chicken dinner then they play the game again and again. Playing a lot of games means that we are using too many phones that are not great for our health. It also affects the eyes.

 If people do not win the chicken dinner after playing a lot of times, then they become hyper. After hyper, they destroy things in the room or destroy their own phone or other home appliances. Some people can be suicide… Some people can start killing other people. That’s why many countries banned (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) games.

In Asia PUBG is played too much, that’s why Pakistan and India can ban this game after seeing their disadvantages. This game strongly destroys the mental level of people. Pubg player can lose their thinking level after playing this game. This game became the person thinking level too sensitive.

I want all countries to be banned (playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) games. To save the world we fight against PUBG. It’s a too addictive game all over the world.  

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