Why We Built HipSocial?


Without the help of social media management software like HipSocial, creating and implementing an effective social media plan is nearly impossible.

Competition and invention have generated some of the most spectacular technology throughout human history, solving challenges in logistics, healthcare, entertainment, and other fields. Communication has become an essential element of daily life as a result of technological advancements.

Today, social media is a powerful tool that can be used at home and at work. The marketing dynamic is ever-changing, but every now and then a breakthrough occurs that cements a technological achievement in time. There’s no reason to believe that, with almost half of the world’s population using social media, it’ll go away anytime soon.

While communication is at the heart of social media’s mission, the value of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn extends far beyond personal conversation. We use social media to be entertained, educated, connected, and to assist us with daily duties.

Shopping is one such chore that has been made easier thanks to the capabilities of social media and the widespread use of smartphones. Consumers now have more power than they ever have before. “70 percent of buyers seek for things they need to buy on Instagram and Facebook,” according to studies. Blazon Furthermore, Facebook affected 52 percent of online and in-store purchases in 2015.

Customers use social media for more than simply shopping. “71 percent of internet customers will suggest the brand they bought on social media,” according to ReadyCloud research. This type of word-of-mouth marketing is helpful to small firms seeking to compete in a competitive market. It also works better than you may expect. According to data from Disruptive Advertising, social media recommendations have a 23 percent effect on all internet customers.

If you apply social media content best-practices in the process of communicating with your audience, you may actually attract those readers away from the platform and into your website. Whether it’s organic postings or sponsored advertisements that drive visitors to your site, the end effect is the same: your traffic grows, which is always a good thing.

Small and medium companies may also compete against much larger brands via social media, putting them on an equal playing field. Your audience interacts with the material you post on social media. If your material is superior to that of industry leaders, you will leave a lasting impression on readers (who are actually consumers).

It’s not as simple as writing a post every now and then and hoping for the best. It requires knowledge, practise, and faultless execution to execute a successful social media plan. It necessitates data gathering, monitoring, and analysis. Most importantly, ongoing tuning is required to keep your content and strategy current and competitive.

The Need for Social Media Management Software

The Need for Social Media Management Software
The Need for Social Media Management Software

Software for managing social network accounts comes in a range of styles and sizes. Because of advancements in automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning, the market for social media automation software has flourished in recent years.

We had a working system for providing social listening on Twitter, but no additional social media management tools. We also wanted to investigate what other features may be useful to our staff as well as other businesses. As a result, we began interviewing clients and conducted surveys of social media managers to determine what issues they were currently experiencing with their solutions.

Many of the users polled said that scheduling their material was crucial to them for consistency’s sake. The opportunity to evaluate numbers from all of their social media networks in one place was also frequently highlighted. This was crucial for them to determine the effectiveness of their social media marketing plan.

We quickly realised that our clients wanted more than just a few new features. They required social media management software that was specifically designed for them.

Purpose of Social Media Management Software

Social Media Management Software
Social Media Management Software

The major goal of social media management software is to make marketing and sales teams’ lives easier when it comes to social media strategy.

Social media strategy encompasses a variety of factors, and plans are tailored to the needs of different businesses. As a result, no two businesses will have the same social media strategy. It also implies that the market for social media management software must be diversified enough to cater to the large range of sectors represented throughout the world.

  • A comprehensive overview of all the features in social media management software would take much too long to cover, but there are a few common themes among features that the top social network management systems always include:
  • Message Queuing and Scheduling
  • Tools for Post-Optimization
  • Tools for segmentation and targeting
  • Integration without a hitch
  • Tracking and URL shortening
  • Analytics & Reporting

These tools, when used in conjunction with a good plan and competent leadership, result in a more effective workflow, increased communication, and improved outcomes.

We turned to challenges that our new programme should be able to address and goals that it should help us and our users reach as we analysed the key purpose and functionalities of social media management software.

Problems Solved & Goals Achieved

Problems Solved & Goals Achieved
Problems Solved & Goals Achieved

Better outcomes should be the main objective of any campaign, and social media management software allows small and medium enterprises to achieve results on par with industry giants.

If you want to get greater outcomes from your social media initiatives, you need to examine your present processes and procedures first. Business process mapping (BPM) is a great technique to get a visual representation of each and every process and operation in your company.

The Solution

Finally, we decided to create a solution with more features at a lower cost. HipSocial, a social media management programme, was created around that time.

500apps created HipSocial, a social media management programme. It comes with a slew of features that are ideal for small and medium enterprises looking to compete and expand in a crowded industry.

The tools encompass everything from social media scheduling and interaction to social listening and analysis, as well as seamless workflow integration.

HipSocial was created to help people solve difficulties. In reality, HipSocial was built by 500apps to address issues with the company’s marketing department. Everything about the software is meant to make your social media marketing efforts more effective.

Today’s software is more powerful than ever before. Perhaps your team is suffering from a lack of communication or collaboration. Alternatively, possibly your company’s issues arise from a lack of adequately streamlined business procedures. It’s time to get on board with automation in this digital era if you aren’t already. Software solutions are undoubtedly being used by your rivals, and you must be able to compete in order to keep the doors open and the lights on.

If you’re looking for new social media management software, HipSocial is a great place to start. To learn more, go here.

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