Why We Love Power Hacksaws

A power saw is a vital machine in most look operations.

  • For many years a non-automatic saw was the only means for sawing off metal. 
  • Powered machines for driving metal cutting saw blades area unit developed to form the task easier.
  • The power saw will do the work rather faster and accurately.
  • The artificer ought to be a reception with these machines, the blades used on the machines and thus the operations performed on them.
  • One quite power saw unremarkably found in machine retailers.

Basic Construction

Power hacksaws area unit designed to make the sawing of metal a mechanical operation. The stock is usually held in AN extremely holding device mounted on the underside of the machine.

An electric motor is utilized to provide power for the machine.

Drive Mechanism

The driveshaft is connected by a V-belt and gears to the electric motor mounted on the machine.

The drive mechanism is protected by guards for safety operative.


A U-shaped frame is utilized on the smaller power hacksaws to support the two ends of the saw blade, which is below tension.

The heavier machines use a multilateral frame and a thin backing plate for the blade of the saw.

Worktable and holding device

Most worktables area units are equipped with a vise which will be mounted either straight or angular to the blade.

The worktable is usually mounted on a ruggedly created base.

Many worktables are provided with T-slots with the aim of supporting special clamping devices.

Special options

Nearly all power hacksaws raise the blade on the come backstroke.

This feature prevents dulling of the blade by dragging it over the work as a result of the blade it came to the beginning position.

Another necessary feature may well be a blade safety switch that mechanically stops the machine if the blade ought to break throughout the operation of the saw.

The safety switch prevents any damage that may result if the machine continuing operation with a broken blade.

Coolant System

Some power saws area units are equipped with a cooling system that delivers an agent to the hacksaw blade.

The agent passes from a receiving tank to a pump thus to the work.

The machine is given a trough to catch the agent, which may be screened to induce eliminate any chips of metal.

Saw capability

Small power hacksaws area unit typically used on sq. or spherical stock ranging from 1 inch to 3 inches.

The larger machines have a capability locomote to twelve inches (square or round), or maybe larger.

The capability of a machine for angular cuts is completely different from its capability for straight cuts.

The cutting surface is longer for angular cutting.

Thus, the saw should be equipped not solely with a swivel holding device however additionally with a long enough stroke to create the angular cut.


High-speed steel and high-speed steel are the foremost unremarkably used materials in saw blades.

If solely the teeth area unit hardened, the blades area unit is referred to as versatile blades.

Power Hacksaw Operation

  • Straight cuts area unit created simply on power hacksaws.
  • The holding device is stationary, and thus the cut is formed at a right angle to the sides of the stock.
  • Most machines are units are equipped with an adjustable holding device.
  • Angular cuts at any desired angle up to forty-five degrees are also made by swiveling
  • the vise.
  • To operate the ability saw properly, the work ought to be mounted firmly among the vise therefore the blade can be saw within the correct place.
  • The blade can break if the work loosens among the holding device.
  • The saw blade ought to be lowered onto the work carefully to start the cut.
  • On some machines this will be often done by hand, however, it area unit typically done mechanically on some saws.
  • In either technique, the points of the teeth are visiting be broken or broken if the blade is allowable to strike the work suddenly.
  • The machine ought to be watched carefully to make certain that the saw blade lifts concerning 1/8 in. on the come-back stroke.
  • If the blade fails to raise, changes ought to be created forthwith, as a result of the blade are visiting be broken if the operation is sustained.
  • When creating angular cuts with the work turned at an angle among the holding device, another precaution is to create sure that the saw blade will make each the backward and thus the forward strokes while not the saw frame creating contact with either the work or the holding device.
  • Serious harm to the machine could result from failure to seem at this precaution.
  • When a saw blade is replaced, or a spanking new blade is started in a recent cut, it ought to be remembered that the set of the new blade is wider.
  • The new blade can stick among the recent cut unless the work is turned among the holding device 1/4 flip.
  • If the work cannot be turned, the new blade ought to be radio-controlled into the recent cut.

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